The beneficial properties of argan oil are well known in the cosmetology, so no one is surprised by the commercial slogans informing about high content of argan oil in the given cosmetic. Plenty of manufacturers include the Morocco’s liquid gold in their products, because of its valuable properties. Which cosmetics deserve to be in the top 11 of products with argan oil? Read below.

#1 Nanoil Argan Oil for body, face and hair

One-of-a-kind and multi-purpose argan oil, which is a new product launched by Nanoil, became the undisputed number 1. The bottle is filled up with 100% certified, organic argan oil extracted from Argania Spinosa tree nuts native to Morocco.

It’s one of the most valued natural oils that nowadays everyone can keep in the bathroom in its original and luxurious version. Undoubtedly, this is the best investment: the oil regenerates hair and shields it against the sun and high temperature, nourishes and moisturizes as well as beautifies and reinforces the entire body.

Find more about Nanoil Argan Oil.

#2 Light Argan Oil for Hair, REF

Hair treatment with pure argan oil from REF (Reference of Sweden). It is a product dedicated for dry, tangled and fly-away hair. It penetrates inner hair structures and provides hair with moisture, nourishment, strengthening and restoration.

#3 Nanoil Argan Hair Mask

The most popular hair mask able to immediately improve hair appearance, strengthen it, and boost its natural gloss. Over time, the mask makes hair healthy, easy to style, and soft in touch. Nanoil Argan Hair Mask has been enriched with panthenol that regenerates and improves hair condition while protecting hair against damage. The perfect hair mask? It’s Nanoil Argan Hair Mask!

It’s easy in use (just 15 minutes) and suitable for everyone who does not have time for hair oil treatment. Learn more about this hair mask with argan oil and enter the world of beauty by Nanoil:

#4 Argan Oil for Dry Skin, Galénic Argane

The product from Galénic Argane is a nourishing, regenerative and revitalising oil for conditioning of the skin of body. The cosmetic is dedicated for naturally dry or weaken by other factors skin as well as dry due to the age skin. It smooths and makes skin radiant at once

#5 Anti-wrinkle eye serum, Dr Scheller

Eye serum with natural Moroccan oil is enhanced with amaranth extract. It effectively smoothers skin around eyes and strengthens it. Dr Scheller recommends this product for mature skin, which needs special skin care of eye area.

#6 Argan Oil for Hair, Gosh

This oil is dedicated for hair which are problematic, dry, matte, frizzing and suffer from split ends. Argan oil for hair from Gosh nourishes and strengthens hair while providing them with gloss and softness.

#7 Beauty Oil, Kaé

Beauty Oil from Kaé is a pure argan oil with protective and regenerative properties. It is recommended for conditioning of face, body, hair and even nails. It is particularly effective in skin care of problematic skin with, for example psoriasis, acne or eczema.

#8 Nails and cuticles conditioning elixir, Marion SPA

This is a luxurious treatment for hands and nails with argan oil. Elixir from Marion SPA has complex action for cuticles and nail plate – nourishes, strengthens, moisturises, provides gloss and elasticity, protects, increases resistance and softens.

#9 Shower Oil, Yves Rocher

Shower oil with argan oil is a cosmetic for skincare from Yves Rocher. In combination with water, oil turns into the milky foam, which cleanses and nourishes skin during the shower. Pure argan oil was enriched with vegetable glycerine and washing substances.

#10 Argan Oil, Organique

Natural and cold pressed argan oil from Morocco is dedicated for skin care of all skin, hair and nails types. What is more, oil from Organique indicates strong moisturising, regenerative, strengthening and elasticity boosting properties.

#11 Pure Elixir with Argan Oil, Naturelle d’Argan

Argan oil in its pure form has complex usage. Naturelle d’Argan gives you argan oil elixir with large amount of antioxidants for elimination of ageing signs. The cosmetic is dedicated for conditioning, strengthening and regeneration of face, body and hair.

#12 Revitalising Serum Argan Oil & Vitamin E, IOSSI

The cosmetic from this brand is an argan oil enriched with natural vitamin E, Patchouli oil and wheat germ oil. Revitalising serum from IOSSI immediately regenerates, moisturises and eliminates wrinkles. The cosmetic is dedicated for matte, fatigued and sensitive skin.